The ZRCola input system comprises of an input program and a font. The program currently only functions in Windows, both the 32-bit and 64-bit versions. The whole input system can be installed by clicking on the appropriate link below. The ZRCola font can also be installed separately.

Updates: By default, the ZRCola input system updates automatically. This feature can be disabled.

ZRCola input system

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Independent installation of the ZRCola font

ZRCola font (23. 9. 2019)

The ZRCola font has four varieties, the regular, bold, italic, and bold italic fonts. Download the zip file containing all four from the link above and unzip it. Follow the instructions below.

Installing the font in Windows
  • Open the font files by double-clicking them and then click Install, or
  • Manually paste the font files into the Fonts folder, usually found at C:\Windows\Fonts.
Installing the font in OS X (for Apple devices)
  • Install the fonts using the Fontbook application, or
  • Manually paste the font files into the Fonts folder, usually found at /Users/User_name/Library/Fonts
Installing the font in iOS

The ZRCola font can be installed on tablet devices running the iOS operating system (Apple devices) with the help of the application AnyFont.

Installing the font in Android and Windows Mobile

Installing custom fonts on Android and Windows Mobile run devices is not possible at the time being.


Automatic updates of ZRCola can be disabled

The ZRCola program features a built-in system for automatic updates. For simplicity’s sake the updates are completely automatic and no prompts are displayed.

Should you prefer not to have the program update automatically, follow the instructions below.

I haven’t installed ZRCola yet

During the installation process, click on Custom Installation and deselect Automatic Updates on the list of elements to be installed.

I have already installed ZRCola

In your computer’s Control Panel, open the Uninstall/Change Program window. Find ZRCola on the list of programs, right-click on it and select Change. Deselect Automatic Updates on the list of elements.