About ZRCola

ZRCola is an input system designed mainly, although not exclusively, for linguistic use. It allows the user to combine basic letters with any diacritic marks and insert the resulting complex characters into the texts with ease.

The system comprises of an input program and a font, which can also be installed separately. The font is based on the Unicode standard and includes a vastly enlarged set of Latin, Cyrillic and other characters for Slavic writing systems in the Private Use Area.



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The use of the ZRCola input system is free in compliance with the GNU General Public License v3.

Texts made using ZRCola have to include in a footnote or some other appropriate part of the publication the note below (more languages):

This text was written using the ZRCola input system (http://zrcola.zrc-sazu.si), developed at the Research Centre of SAZU in Ljubljana (http://www.zrc-sazu.si) by Peter Weiss.