Why isn’t ZRCola updating automatically on my computer?

Unless you manually disabled this option during installation, ZRCola should update automatically by default.

Because of the way Task Manager schedules updates, Windows 10 users might experience problems with automated updates of some of the earlier versions of ZRCola (up to and including v. 2.0-beta10).
The issue can be solved in three ways:

  • by leaving the computer turned on during the night,
  • by manually starting the ZRCola update task in Task Manager,
  • by manually downloading and installing the latest version of ZRCola.


Is the use of ZRCola free of charge?

The use of the ZRCola input system is free in compliance with the GNU General Public License v3.

Texts made using ZRCola have to include in a footnote or some other appropriate part of the publication the following note (more languages):

This text was written using the ZRCola input system (http://zrcola.zrc-sazu.si), developed at the Research Centre of SAZU in Ljubljana (http://www.zrc-sazu.si) by Peter Weiss.


Is ZRCola continuously upgraded?

ZRCola is continuously being developed and upgraded at the Fran Ramovš Institute of the Slovenian Language in cooperation with Amebis.

Users can request that additional characters be added to the font by the editor using either the website contact form or the program’s Request a character function.

Individual modifications and additions are possible in accordance with the GNU General Public License v3.


What does ZRCola stand for?

ZRC stands for Research Centre (slov. Znanstvenoraziskovalni center) of the Slovenian Academy of Sciences and Arts, which the Fran Ramovš Institute of the Slovenian Language, where the input system was developed, is a part of. OLA stands for the Slavic Linguistic Atlas (russ. Obščeslavjanskij lingvističeskij atlasс) and denotes the project that prompted the development of the input system together with the endeavours of Slovenian dialectology such as the Slovenian Linguistic Atlas.


What is the relation between fonts ZRCola and 00 ZRCola?

Upon release of ZRCola 2, the name of the font was changed from the original 00 ZRCola to ZRCola because of the former’s incompatibility with font-naming standards. Only the name of the font was changed, whereas the characters and their placement in the font have remained the same. Thus, a text can be easily converted from one font to the other by simply selecting a different font in the word-processing program, while the contents remain unchanged.